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image The Web is at once obvious and mysterious. Total Technology's experience can help business owners and management teams better understand the strengths and the best uses of the Web to promote their business, qualify their prospects, strengthen their client relationships, and improve the efficiency of their internal operations.

Let's be sure we all know what the Web can or cannot do for your business. Taking the product, service and customer knowledge you've gained in business, and adding to it the experience and perspective of a broad array of marketing talents from Total Technology, we can now address the business challenges you face. The end result is a solution we all arrive at; we're all wiser for the experience of creating it. The Web is different than all other marketing media in that it can interact with its visitors. And in doing so, your Web site can convey so much more than an ad in a phone directory or a local newspaper, even a 30-second radio spot. You, your employees, your suppliers, your prospects, your customers, and the influencers of your prospects and customers - all can, and will, come to your Web site. Make sure it says the right thing to the right people. Total Technology Services will help you anticipate and provide for their needs. In the process you might just find the Web does something no other marketing channel can: make your job easier.

Marketing Online

For many businesses, they have yet to begin using the Web to enhance their business. Total Technology Services will apply years of experience to help them plan and implement a marketing program to meet their needs.

Together we'll take the first steps into online marketing. The first site could be a simple promotion of your business, offering a function that will test your audience's willingness to communicate their needs to you through a form on the Web site. Gradual additions built on the initial framework can begin to build a community of users dependent on the information you offer, the networks you encourage, and the high degree of customer support they find on your site.

If you have an established marketing program and a Web site, perhaps you are looking for a stronger connection between the two. Making sure your site was easy to find in search engines, either for your company's name or for the expertise it offers, would be a good thing. More and better qualified leads from the Web site would be desirable. Preprocessing of applications on the Web site would save time and money once your staff contacted the prospect. Answering simple to complex customer inquiries around the clock would make your company look more responsive than your competition. What about if clients could enter a secure area of your site to access the recommendations you have for them, their investments, their strategic plans, or all the presentations you have made to them since you first approached them for their business?

Interactive Marketing

Capturing the attention of your potential customers is not easy these days. The drive to profitability has mandated the need for marketing on every conceivable surface, in every possible venue, to take advantage of every waking moment.Word of Mouth Advertising, Print & Broadcast Advertising, Direct Mail, Marketing Messages, Target Audiences, Client & Prospect Database, Web Site Into this chaos you place an advertisement to make people aware of you and your company, knowing that what you offer is of value to some percentage of those who will come into contact with the medium you chose to host your message. Knowing yourself that you only give such messages moments of your concentration, seconds at best, that message must direct those who need what you offer to a source for more information, a source that is capable of answering their questions when they need answers (and can take the time to ask them!) Those traditional marketing messages need to direct your prospects to a Web site.

Once the visitor arrives at the Web site in response to a call to action in your marketing message, the real work of the marketing team begins. Even the simplest site needs to encourage the visitor to learn more than they came looking to learn. And throughout the site they should be given opportunities: to refer others to this site and the company behind it; to ask detailed questions; to download something of value to read later; to register so they are notified of any additional information being loaded onto the site, and so on. This is Total Technology's vision of your Web site - your best employee.

The most complicated scenarios can be resolved with the application of creative minds.

Improve Your Web Marketing

While many firms have a Web site today, a small percentage can claim they are comfortable with the results they are seeing from it. Total Technology Services believes the success of a Web site should be routinely measured and reported. Web sites, as with all marketing plans, should be iterative and constantly improving in response to such metrics. Total Technology Service has the expertise and experience to optimize your Web site for high ranking in search engines, drastically improve the speed of your site, build communities of loyal customers, make it easy for satisfied customers to refer others, and many more ways to utilize the meeting of creativity and technology.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Your Web site should be your best employee. If it's not making you money or making your life easier, we need to talk about your Internet marketing strategy. Give us a call today at (706) 302-3153.

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