Accelerate Your Business Online

It's easier than you might think to interact with your customers and prospects online to boost sales and improve services. Total Technology Services deploys and manages complete tailored solutions for manufacturers, distributors and online retailers. Every Total Technology Services solution is customized for the unique needs of your business, retaining the look and feel of your current website, and deployed quickly. Because TTS manages your online business, you avoid the headaches of installing software or managing bandwidth. Put your products catalog on your website - no experience necessary, we help you design your e-commerce web site. Setup is fast, easy and affordable. You can add your products, accept credit cards in real-time or choose to process them manually. The online ordering system will:

  • Collect your customers' ordered items in a shopping cart
  • Compute the shipping charges, taxes, and total balance
  • Collect their billing and shipping information
  • Store orders for your retrieval and fulfillment
  • Notify you via email that a new order has been placed
  • Conduct all transactions through a secure Internet connection (SSL)
  • Credit Card Processing Upon Shipping

You can process the credit card orders in your normal fashion or you can additionally implement online credit card processing to:

  • Pre-authorize customer credit cards for the balance due at order time
  • Charge customer credit cards for the balance due at shipping time

Once our e-Business Platform of flexible applications are customized for you, your customers can visit your website to review your catalog and inventory data, search your offerings, gather information and then move quickly towards a purchase. Your data will be pulled directly from sources you control and manage, so your website always reflects the most updated information available.

Contact Total Technology Services to set up your e-commerce solution today!