Training Services

The major difference between a successful company and less successful competition is its people. Your company will only reach its full potential when your employees meet theirs.

Why are skills and knowledge so important?

This may seem like a foolish question but many businesses overlook these vital facts. People work best when they feel confident about their abilities and have resources they can turn to for help.

Whether your employees need to learn how to use a software application, proper methods, procedures or successful techniques, computer and software training applications from Total Technology Services are the solution.

Educating your people effectively - in a way they truly learn - will make the difference between success and failure.

See it. Do it. Learn it.

People understand and remember 50% of what they see and 10% of what they hear. However, when people see, hear and DO, they remember over 80%.

With Total Technology Services computer and software training, people learn by doing. Using a self-paced learning tool not only speeds the learning curve, but increases the retention of the information up to three times over traditional teaching methods.

Software Training

Our software training provides beginner, intermediate and advanced instructor-led training courses for computer basics, Microsoft Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office Suites (including FrontPage and Outlook), Internet Technologies, Quicken/QuickBooks and many other popular business software packages. All of our courses are offered through a combination of instructor lectures and hands-on exercises.

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