Total Support and Repairs

The staff at Total Technology Services has designed, implemented and supported computer networks for clients ranging in size from a handful of employees to those with hundreds of users across multiple locations.

Our promise? With our 'Total Support and Repair' program, Total Technology Services will take care of your computer system so you can focus on your business.

What is Total Support and Repairs

The 'Total Support and Repair' program from Total Technology Services means that you can stop worrying about your computer system. It means your system will be set-up correctly and that it will be pro-actively maintained - desktops, servers, back-up systems, virus protection - everything. It also means our technicians are always available to support your employees - by phone, by email, by remote access, and by visiting your office or home.

We Make It Right

  • We help you figure out what system you need
  • We install desktops and servers; we'll even provide wiring
  • We set-up back-up systems for you
  • We optimize your computers and network
  • We make sure you have the latest anti-virus software installed
  • We make sure your system is secure
  • We set-up remote access for you so you can check your email and access your files when you travel or are at home

We Keep It Right

  • We pro-actively monitor your system
  • We perform scheduled performance checks and preventive maintenance

We're Always Available for Support:

  • By Phone
  • By Email
  • By Remote Access
  • At Your Office or Home

On-Site Desktop & Server Repair:

  • PC "Tune-ups" & Preventative Maintenance
  • Diagnostics
  • Component Replacement
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Assembly and Interconnection
  • Contract Labor for Special Projects or On-site Support
  • Moves, Adds, Changes & Upgrades